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Hey, girl! I'm so glad you're here.


I work with hairdressers who are physically drained and I help them

increase their energy so they can live a full life beyond the chair.

As a hairdresser with 18 years of experience, a salon owner, and a mom I know how draining the salon routine can be both professionally and personally. I was constantly beating myself up on how I wasn't doing enough or the right things in my business. Let alone do the things I wanted to do for my home and family. 

I have been there and done the work so you don't have to.

Through 1:1 coaching we will find your ultimate energy builder so you can take care of your clients AND have enough energy to live your life. 

My name is Ashley, and I am a hairdresser & life coach.


you don't have to do it alone

I know how you feel and have been exactly where you are.  As a hairdresser with 18 years of experience, a salon owner, and a mom I know how draining the salon routine can be both professionally and personally.

Let me show you another way to run your business. 

Do you crave the following? ​

More Energy.

More Money.

More time to enjoy your life? 


I was in in that place too.



No clue to how to balance my salon life and home. 

I am here to help you solve your struggles behind the chair,

so you can live your life beyond the chair. 


craving connection? 

Join the Moms In Salons *free* Facebook group to meet a group of likeminded women to cheer you on. 

Join Moms In Salons

Have you ever said.....

I am so tired of constantly putting out content.

Then working on and in my business that I never feel like I am getting anything done.

I am ready to move the needle forward and have peace in my life

I would be honored to show you the way.

Here's how coaching works...

I'mv your very own personal cheerleader. Meeting weekly, together we will make the changes to help you live the life of your dreams. Through the power of 1:1 coaching, we will be able to discover the following:

Phase 1


More Energy

Discover what is sucking your energy in the salon, create and pratice new habits all while setting the framework for a new way to work as a hairdresser. This will give you ultimate energy from the time you wake till you sleep.  

phase 2


More Money 

We all want more money, but how will you know that you have it? What are your practices for keeping your cash? Together we will discover your money drains, track your spending, and create a plan for you to work more effectively behind the chair. 

phase 3


More Time to Live Your Life

We are going to get your life back! Together we will streamline your hairdressing career where it is growing with ease and still have time to actully live your life! 


it only takes 4 days to start seeing change

"I'm HOOKED. But not sure if coaching is right for me?"


The Empty to Energized Workshop is just the thing for you. Empty to Energized is an expedited workshop that takes the empty and exhausted hairdresser to an empowered salon leader. In this 4 day workshop you will learn how to take control in your life and experience peace for yourself.


Together we will discover:

  • The CORE Values for your life.

  • Why your work is actually the reason you're drained. 

  • How to find your confidence and excel as the leader you are meant to be

i'm ready to be energized

Boom! Let’s get this party started.

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Are you ready to have a coach in your corner to help you take charge of your schedule? 

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