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I am seriously geeked out that you are here.

My name is Ashley Jo Gillan. 



Lifestyle coach for hairdressers.

Salon owner & transformative hair stylist. 

Fast Facts

Specialty: Custom color, curly girl hair cuts 

Enneagram: 4 wing 3

Fav drink: Sunking Cream Ale

Fav local restaurant: Stookey's

Currently reading: Mood Booster on Spotify

Guilty pleasure: Cereal. All the time. Especially Captain Crunch!




I bet you are wondering, "what makes Ashley so different than any other hair dresser out there"? 

It is so, so nice to meet you. My name is Ashley Jo Gillan, and I am a mother, wife, hairdresser & salon owner. I am a constant healthy eater/give me all the cake, wannabe yogi, and a basic master of efficiency. I am a learner of all the things. Well.. all the things of beauty, health, business, and productivity.

I jumped into the hairdresser profession in 2002, I thought it would be a great  profession for a farmers wife (little did I take into account that there were very little farmers out there). However, I couldn't of chosen a better career for myself and my family.  I enjoy that I get to have a creative real experience every day and blow dry styles are my favorite. 

I thrive on the encouragement I get to shower my clients with, as well as, helping them feel more empowered in their skin. I love creating a color melt that looks like nature did it and I take a LOT of classes to keep up these skills. 

When I am not working on my craft, you will find me chasing my twin boys around, cooking dinners for my husband and beautiful step-daughter.  I dream about being a runner while ordering fast food. I garden, cook and rarely do my dishes. 

As a hairdresser for 17 years I have seen a few patterns that we hairdressers face. With great power comes great responsibility, and I decided to use all of that experience to tackle those frustrations to help hairdressers enjoy their lives just as much as their careers. I work with hairdressers to help them create what they want in their LIFE, not only their business. 

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